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Washington State Certified Emissions Repair Shop Puyallup

puyallup washington emissions repair shop Authorized Emission Specialists are professional automotive repair technicians that have been specially trained in the diagnosis and repair of vehicles that fail any part of the emission testing process. Shops contained in this database that employ these emission specialists are familiar with the repair requirements of the Emission Check Program and are equipped to perform repairs on vehicles that fail an emission test. Repairs performed by an Authorized Emission Specialist are the only repair costs that apply toward a repair waiver. Custom Deluxe Auto Services is an Authorized Emission Specialist.


Our shop is approved by the State of Washington to repair your vehicle after a failed emission test. Please, call us and schedule an appointment right away! Preferably before your tabs have expired.

WA State Authorized Emissions Specialist
Emission testing and repair is not only necessary, but important.

The emission control system on your vehicle is important for keeping our environment as clean as possible. If your vehicle fails an emissions test, we can test to find out why and perform the needed repairs.

If your vehicle fails emissions, not only will it have higher emissions but in many cases it affects the way it runs and possibly even affects gas mileage. Emission testing and repair is not only necessary, but important.

Custom Deluxe Auto Services is a Washington State Authorized
Emissions Specialist Facility:
We will completely test your vehicle to determine the reason why your vehicle is not meeting Washington State emissions requirements.
Our ASE Certified Technicians will make recommendations that will bring your vehicle up to code.

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Testimonial in Puyallup

Project: Car repair/ Puyallup, WA - Repair There is no better place to take an automobile nor is there a finer automotive mechanic than Clint. I don't think about what to do when any car of mine acts up. Be it a Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jag or my lowly mini-van. Clint gets them working correctly in no time and with good value. I can offer no higher praise to to these guys at Custome Deluxe Auto Repair.

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ASE Ceritified MASTER Auto Technicians